Friday Five for RevGalBlogPals

Today’s Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals:

Hello gals and pals,

It’s the second Friday of the month, and you know what that is~~~Random Friday Five! Have fun, and enjoy! (as always, let us know that you played in the comments–whether you play in the comments, link to your blog, or on Facebook!)

1. How do you sign off in your emails, professional and personally? For example, you say “Blessings”,
“Take Care”, “Remember, the Devil is watching you” (o.k. just kidding on that one.) Let us know and why…

Professionally: “Blessings.” Blessings are one of the things I am able to “offer” as a priest.  It was inspired by a friend’s sig, “God bless us all.”  

Personally–no sig, usually just my first initial. 

2. If you were an animal TODAY, what is it and why?

A dog.  Because I feel energetic and enthusiastic. 

3. If you get snarky, what triggers it? If you don’t get snarky, please, what is the secret? 

Ignorance and/or incompetence.  Which means I swallow a lot of snark unspoken. 

4. Look up from your computer/tablet/phone screen. What is the first favorite thing your eyes land on. Describe it. (For example, I just did this, and my eyes landed on a little angel made out of multicolored wires whose head and wings are quite askew because of being chewed upon by my puppy. That aside, I love it because it was a gift from two little girls who came often to my office in my last call to play with all the tshotke on my table. They wanted to add to it.) 

A Sandicast sculpture of a Brittany, which represents the dog I grew up with. As an only child, my dog Popcorn was the closest thing I had to a sibling! 🙂  

5. Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Tell us about them!

A  pair of knitted Christmas slipper socks, striped with 2 or 3 shades of green (including olive ) and red, and white, in acrylic yarn, which were given to me by a library patron the year I worked in the Alpine branch of San Diego County Library.  Every year this patron knitted Christmas socks for all the library staff as her appreciation of our service.  It was a small-town library.  Her sense of design was a bit off from mine but her gesture was very touching.  


2 thoughts on “Friday Five for RevGalBlogPals

  1. revkarla

    The Christmas socky-booties are priceless. In a former parish, I had a lovely elderly person (like 95) who loved crafting. I received quilted potholders, knit hand clothes, and even a crocheted water bottle holder. Not at all my sense of design, but oh so precious. Thank you so much for playing!

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  2. gale grey (@gale_grey)

    1. professionally -almost always thank you -as I’m writing to customers; personally I try to be warmer -maybe blessings, maybe take care -it usually feels awkward though no matter which
    2. a dog -just because I like them -and with so many animals we don’t treat them very well sometimes -dogs can sometimes have a nice life
    3 people who are always certain they are right- their sentences come out like proclaimations
    4. my kitchen table
    5 -cashmere socks -because they feel so plush and luxurious



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