We Three Inks of Aleman are: DeAtramentis Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh

Returned to one of my earliest ink purchases, a bottle of scented DeAtramentis Myrrh, and ordered a sample of scented Frankincense to pair with it for Epiphany. Also got out a bottle of Text of We Three Kings written with DeAtramentis Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. DeAtramentis Gold from an early MassDrop to complete the theme. Did some handwriting practice on a new spiral-bound French-ruled Clairefontaine notebook: wrote out the three middle verses of “We Three Kings” in the appropriate inks.

I was pleasantly surprised by Frankincense. It is a very nice medium grey with slight blue and green undertones. No shading to speak of and no sheen, but a fine medium grey that is very well-behaved. Since I had it in a Pelikan and it didn’t gush, I’d say it’s medium on the wetness scale. Also surprsingly water resistant. Not enough to use under washes, but the basics of your notes will survive a minor water spill. Dry time on Clairefontaine was also good, an important factor for this lefty. I didn’t do any timing because I wasn’t planning on doing a formal review, but it didn’t smear at all, which puts it in the decidedly above-average category. No scent came through in the sample vial, unfortunately. I’ve been looking for a nice grey with some water resistance to keep in my EDC and this one has made the short list.

I loved Myrrh when I first got it but then it was shoved off the radar by the scores of other ink options. (It’s on closeout at Goulet now, so it would be a great time to grab a bottle.) I’m glad I took the opportunity to revisit it. It goes down as a lovely dark turquoise and dries to more of a true teal. Like its sister ink, flow is medium to medium-wet. Any scent is pretty mild. I had it in a Sailor 1911L gold-trimmed demonstrator with a F nib that is too fine and sharp for my taste (it will see a nibmeister at the next show I visit), and it helped make it a bit more tolerable. No shading or sheen. Not nearly as water-resistant as Frankincense. Dry-time seemed pretty good as well. None of the flair of some of the more recent blues and teals from trendy ink makers such as Robert Oster and Colorverse, but a lovely “plain” blue-teal.

Of deAtramentis Gold, the less said the better. I got it to fill out a MassDrop order when I was new to the hobby. Golds are a hard color to get right, and IMO this one misses the mark. It is much greener than the sample swab on the Goulet site. I used a dip pen because I didn’t want to ink a pen with it. It behaves well enough from a technical perspective. But I can’t imagine a use case for it. Unless maybe I was drawing my cat hacking up a hairball right after eating, and needed a color to use as a wash to show her stomach acid …

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