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ProChurch Tools Podcast’s tips on volunteer photography ministry

Notes from listening to:

ProChurch Tools Podcast # 129: Building a volunteer photography team for your church’s social media


Guest: Dave Adamson from North Point Community Church in Georgia (6-campus megachurch)

From show notes and listening:  Takeaways

    1. What makes great photography? Creative composition and shots of real people. Dave says that we are drawn to photos of faces (no more than 6 per photo to keep  them recognizable), and photos taken from creative angles. Take photos of people with interesting composition and you will attract more attention on your social media. 
    2. Find people’s best face and find it fast. Facial expressions often contort our natural look when we speak. Catching a speaker when their face looks right is a photographic challenge that Dave recommends you master. Try to snap when they’re pausing between sentences.
    3. Dave teaches his volunteers to take great photos, filter and process them consistently, and upload them almost instantly.  They have a distinctive look after processing that’s part of their brand.
    4. They do all their social media for 6 campuses with a corps of volunteer photographers.
    5. Communication tools like social media only work when we’re inviting people into conversations and engaging with them. This happens when we use more question marks than commas, and when we leverage social media as a telephone, not a megaphone. Ask questions. Respond to people. Engage.